Homebuyer's Road Map Series - Navigating with  Charissa Realty realtors®

Sunday Jul 30th, 2023


Navigating with  Charissa Realty realtors®

Dear reader, we can help you 

  • Navigate the home buying process and paperwork from start to finish, ensuring everything flows smoothly without any surprises.
  • Find the right home, in the neighborhood you want, at a price you can afford.
  • Compare your property with similar properties that have sold over the past year.
  • Get a feel for the neighborhood including schools, parks and other amenities
  • Find out if you are eligible for government homeownership incentive programs.
  • Assess mortgage products and different types of lenders to see what fits your needs.
  • Negotiate purchase price and contract terms, such as date of possession, required repairs, included furnishings or equipment.
  • Direct you through complex contracts.
  • Find qualified industry professionals, such as real estate lawyers, home appraisers and home inspectors.
  • Plan for closing costs and other related expenses.

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