Ontario Appoints Housing Affordability Task Force

Monday Sep 26th, 2022


The Ontario government launched the Housing Affordability Task Force, which has been tasked with finding solutions on how to increase the supply of both market-rate rental and ownership housing.


The task force comprises nine members who will provide the government with recommendations on additional measures to address market housing supply and affordability. They explore measures to address housing affordability by:

  • Increasing the supply of market-rate rental and ownership housing 

  • Building housing supply in completed communities 

  • Reducing red tape and accelerating timelines

  • Encouraging innovation and digital modernization, such as in planning processes 

  • Supporting economic recovery and job creation

  • Balancing housing needs with protecting the environment.

The Ontario government will continue to work with municipal partners to help them use the tools the province has provided to improve housing and make finding a home more affordable. 

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