Owning or renting?

Monday Mar 06th, 2023


Dear reader,

We always have two options to choose from…

Either we opt to live on rent or we take a leap forward and buy a house.

It’s a personal decision based on one’s current circumstances.

However, a Few questions will help you determine which decision best matches your circumstances…

The biggest question is, where do you stand?

What is your financial status?

Do you have enough money to pay the down payment and the mortgages for the years to come?

Or you don’t have money or don’t have sufficient money to buy a house.

What are your short-term plans and long-term plans?

Do you want to buy a property to make a profit on it and sell it later, or do you want to buy it purely to provide shelter to your family?

These are not the all the questions, but enough to give you clarity so you can make a wise decision!

Thank you,

Sade Sanni, Broker of Record. 


Oluwatosin Olayemi Aug 8, 2023

could you please help get a 2 bedroom accommodation for rent within GTA? My family and I will land in Ontario sometime in October.

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