Passive Ways To Invest In Real Estate (You’ll Love Them…)

Friday Mar 17th, 2023


Dear reader,

As promised in the last email, today I’ll share with you 4 ways you can invest in real estate and make passive income…


Private Funds – Also known as private equity funds are models designed for people to pool their money and form a single significant investment.

This investment is then teamed up with limited liability…

…and a manager or management group makes sure it is put to the right use.


Opportunity Funds – An opportunity zone is a low-income community which has been certified by the US Department of Treasury.

This program helps in developing such communities by creating a room for investors.

These funds offer tax lay-offs, and for a fixed time-frame, the investment needs to be kept in the fund.


REITs – REIT stands for Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

This investment type is dedicated to investing in commercial real estate property.

The REIT Company offers a variety of real estate deals to the investors.

Investors can pick a property to spend and as a result, earn income from dividends.


Online Investment Platforms – Through these platforms, people can invest in a variety of properties.

These can be either debt or equity investments. Also known as crowd-funding platforms…

New investors find their feet in the real estate market from online ventures.


Thank you,

Sade Sanni, Broker of Record. 


Caveat: Before investing a single dime, make sure that you’ve assessed your finances and calculate any forthcoming risk…


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