Would you rather a spacious kitchen or a bedroom with a view?

Sunday May 09th, 2021


Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. What wows one person might not get another to chuckle. Individual preferences can be as countless as the sand on the seashore.

This question was asked recently on Instagram “Would you rather have A Spacious Kitchen or a Bedroom with a View?” Of course, as you might imagine, the responses reflected the diversity of the responders.

Indeed, some persons might not be sure what their preferences are. Let us call them the ‘fencists’; they prefer to get a slice of everyone’s pie. Not a problem, however.

I love space. It enhances my creativity. So, I would easily pick a large kitchen. If I had to choose between a large kitchen and a large bedroom, I would choose a large bedroom (yeah, I can order food online 😊 *winks). However, that’s not what the question is about.

As for having a view from my bedroom, I think it’s a no-no for me. I want my bedroom to be as private as it can be. I would probably like to have a balcony that opens to a nice flowery garden or provides access to the beauty of nature, but not from my bedroom.

I can imagine that someone reading this feels I’m weird already, but that’s what makes us all unique.

In deciding where you reside, make sure you wear your aesthetic preferences as a hat. You don’t want to live in an apartment that you don’t love.

Ayokunle Saba

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